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24 Hour Docs aims to provide remote medical services for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Our doctors pride themselves in providing more personalized care and attention than you might receive during an in-person doctor’s office visit. That’s right, your doctor’s visit with 24 Hour Docs will be given all the time and attention it needs compared to the fast-paced 10 or 15 minutes in a traditional doctor’s office. Our doctors also reach out to the patients, virtually, to check on them and offer the best online urgent care services to you.  

But what truly sets us apart is our straightforward pricing and easy payment methods. We offer a flat-rate payment of $59.99, plus, we help you get reimbursed if you have insurance. All you need is your mobile phone, computer, or tablet to access the top physicians in the country!

In this post, we are going to discuss several reasons why 24 Hour Docs are your best option when it comes to online urgent care. 

What is Online Urgent Care?

How would you like to video visit with a board-certified doctor while lying on a couch in your home? Or while still at work? That’s what online urgent care brings to the table. If you have any medical conditions that don’t require a visit to the emergency room, a video visit with a doctor is the perfect alternative. 

At 24 Hour Docs, you can receive care for non-emergency and common medical conditions, such as:

  •       Coughing
  •       Sore throat
  •       Flu-like symptoms
  •       Urinary tract infections
  •       Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  •       Ear pain/infection
  •       Sinus infection
  •       Dental pain/infection
  •       Rashes
  •       Yeast infection

Why Choose 24 Hour Docs As Your Go-To Online Urgent Care Solution

“I was so glad not to have to wait in a waiting room for hours with lots of sick patients. Instead, I was able to speak with a live doctor online after filling out a few questions. They addressed my medical issue right away. Glad to have such accessible professional service.”

– Mary D

Here’s why millions of patients trust us:

No Wait Time

online urgent care

When you are feeling unwell, the last thing you want to do is wait to get in touch with the doctor. In fact, a lot of people avoid getting necessary healthcare simply because they don’t want to spend all day in a waiting room!

With 24 Hour Docs, there are no waiting times. Just create your account, fill in the details, choose the service you need, and get connected with an online doctor in minutes. You can be seen by one of our board-certified doctors within 5 minutes of logging into your account. If it’s your first time, the whole process takes fewer than 30 minutes!

Best Medical Care Available in Most Affordable Prices

A large number of online urgent care clinics may charge anywhere between $150 and $200. Even though it is a lot less than you will pay for a visit to the ER, it can add up if you need to talk to the online doctor multiple times. On the other hand, 24 Hour Docs offers a flat fee of $59.99 that’s less than half of what other telemedicine institutions charge!

Convenience is the Name of the Game  

Forget spending hours driving to and from the hospital and then spending some more while waiting for your appointment to start. With 24 Hour Docs, you spend less time accessing medical care and more time healing. Plus, we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

24 Hour Docs: Your Best Choice for Online Urgent Care

If you need to be seen for a medical condition or a minor injury, don’t put off getting the care you need and deserve. Make us your first stop to treat your non-emergency condition.

Ready for your first appointment? Call us at 877-244-6876 or reserve an appointment online.

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