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Let’s drastically reduce your cost, increase profit, and revolutionize medicine.

With the rising cost of healthcare, demand for a superior telehealth solution has never been higher.

We offer customized partnership solutions with universities, colleges, self-insured employers, businesses, health plans and medical providers.

If you would like to partner with us to improve quality, increase access, lower your cost and become more profitable, please call us or fill out this form, and we will reach out to you soon.





    • Let’s partner to re-imagine healthcare access on campus for every student
    • Every student deserves to have  access to a Board-Certified Doctor on demand 24 hours a day from anywhere and on any device for medical support
    • Students are seen by a Board-Certified Doctor within 5 minutes of logging in, they can be seen NOW or they can book an appointment for later  (over 100 common conditions treated by doctors)
    • Currently there is no enrollment fee, and all students are covered  for the entire semester (Cost is $25 per visit for students to see the doctor, no additional charges and students only use as needed)
    • Why have students driving in the middle of the night, waiting with sick patients in a crowded waiting room when they can be seen from campus or home from any smart device
    • Bragging rights for schools, colleges and Universities who provide this level of access to health care, safety and convenience to students
    • Improve the level of confidence in students and parents by providing a proactive approach to the health and safety of your campus 24 hours a day
    • We can serve as an extension of the Student Health Services program with 24 hour access
    • Decrease absenteeism of students from class while gaining exceptional student retention within a healthier  campus
    • All the heavy lifting is done by our company, once an agreement is reached, we will provide all the outreach to students and provide username/login information and instructions


    Let’s partner together to significantly reduce your annual health care cost (It’s about time!)

    • With the out-of-control rising cost of healthcare, it’s time to partner with telemedicine, re-imagined
    • Avoid employees making recurrent, unnecessary, high-cost medical visits and reduce hospital admissions and ER costs 
    • Give all employees 24-hour access to doctors from anywhere by phone, tablet or computer 
    • Distinguish your company with unparalleled access to this type of benefit 
    • Protect your employees from sick waiting rooms and give them convenient, high-quality, affordable virtual visits instead 
    • Increase employee satisfaction, decrease absenteeism and improve productivity
    • We offer “EASY ONBOARDING;” a seamless program to ensure employees keep using telemedicine 
    • Medical care re-imagined! It’s a no brainer


    • Partnership with health plans to deliver a telemedicine solution that will result in reducing your cost and increasing profits
    • Access to high-quality, low-cost, re-imagined telemedicine with an unmatched ROI
    • Customized telehealth solution
    • On-demand care access via any smart device 24/7, resulting in a significant decrease of unnecessary, costly ER visits
    • Decrease claims and capitations
    • Members avoid recurrent, risky, high-cost medical visits 
    • Reduce hospital admission and ER costs
    • Increase profits by partnering with high-quality medical care that is re-imagined
    • Significantly improve patient outcome 


    • Give your patients unparalleled access and revolutionized medicine
    • Increase volume of patients and expand your business
    • New profit line with unlimited potential
    • Give your patients access from anywhere with better patient outcome and flexibility
    • Lower your re-admission rate with modern medicine
    • Standout by offering unique and attractive modern medicine


    • Let’s partner to deliver our solution to those that need it, while ensuring you have recurrent revenue
    • When you partner us with employers, institutions, health plans and providers you get rewarded
    • We provide everything that you will need and support you every step of the way
    • Very competitive reimbursement
    • All the required marketing tools at your fingertips on day one
    • On-demand access to our sales team for support

    We partner with you

    to reduce your cost and increase profitability by offering an unparalleled telemedicine solution.

    We work alongside other health plans to offer unique access, convenience and safety at a very low cost. We pride ourselves on providing unique and innovative solutions while providing the highest quality care.

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