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Simple. Easy. Done.

We have a simple philosophy.

Providing the highest quality care with easy access, low cost and convenience. The way it should be!


Our doctors are U.S. licensed physicians who are board certified in their respective fields. We adhere to the highest medical standards and believe in putting quality and safety before anything else. All of our physicians undergo extensive rigorous background checks to ensure proper education, training, licensure, work history and experience.

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We believe that access to a doctor should be simple and easy. For non-emergency conditions you should be able to see a doctor NOW, anytime and anywhere. You should be able to see your doctor using your laptop, cell-phone or via phone call, when appropriate. There’s no need to wait for weeks to see your doctor or drive to an urgent care and wait in a crowded, busy, waiting room with sick people. We can see you NOW−wherever you are, on whatever device you want to use. That is access reimagined.


We provide the highest quality care with easy access and at a LOW COST. Our visits cost less than insurance copays or doctor office visits. Many people avoid medical care because of the cost. Let’s end that.

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We make it EASY. No driving, parking or waiting with other sick people. We see you anytime, anywhere, on-demand. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can be seen by video on your mobile device, tablet or computer. You can also just talk over the phone with the doctor.

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