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“I was so surprised at how easy it was to connect with the doctor online within just a couple of minutes! The doctor was thorough and listened to me. By the time I was done seeing her, my prescription was already sent to my pharmacy. The best part…I never had to leave my house!
I have since used them for my son who is 9. I was able to connect with a doctor just as easily even though it was 2AM. My family and I are very grateful for the service you provide…Thank you!”

– Angelica P.

“My doctor was so professional and genuine in the care he provided. It really was so easy! I was able to see them in the middle of my hectic day without a wait! I wish I would have known about their services sooner.” – Allison C.

“I really did not want to leave my house and go to my urgent care during these times of COVID. Thankfully, I was able to see the doctor on 24hourdocs. The process was so professional, easy, hassle free, and less than my usual co-pay. I will definitely be using them more often!”

– Lorraine J.

“My busy career really does not allow for any time to go see a doctor for a condition or concern I have. Thankfully, I was able to see a doctor on 24HOURDOCS on a Sunday night from my home! I am very grateful for the professional doctors they have that provide around the clock availability and such easy access on my phone or tablet in minutes!”

– Deedra D.

“These doctors were more professional than my primary doctor that I have had for years. I just got on my computer and put in a little bit of info. Then, almost instantly, I was connected with my doctor! The doctor listened and didn’t rush me like my primary doctor usually does. When I was done, I had a good understanding of what I was diagnosed with and the medication that was prescribed. Very easy and stress free process!”

– Jonathan C.

“I’m really not good at going to the doctors office for any reason. I try to avoid doctors any way I can. However, being able to get on my phone and access a doctor through 24hourdocs has made all the change in the world. I have a new sense of relief knowing that I can access one of their doctors while I am home or anywhere else at any time if I need to. My experience with them so far has truly been excellent!”

– John M.

“I was so glad not to have to wait in a waiting room for hours with lots of sick patients. Instead, I was able to speak with a live doctor online after filling out a few questions. They addressed my medical issue right away. Glad to have such accessible professional service.”

– Mary D.

“My daughter needed to see a doctor in the middle of the night. Instead of getting her out of bed and dragging her to an urgent care, I just got on with 24hourdocs. What an easy process. The doctor that night was so kind and caring. She gave us great care and sent over the prescription my daughter needed right away.”

– Jennifer S.

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