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How It Works

How It Works

Request a visit

by answering a few simple questions on your phone, tablet or computer.

Be seen by the doctor

on your phone, tablet or computer.

Pick up your prescription

if medically appropriate.


If you do not have insurance, no worries.

Simply pay our everyday low one-time cost. 

  • General Medical and Urgent Care Visits are $59.99
  • Digestive Health/Gastroenterology Specialist visits are $99
  • Mental Health Therapist visits are $99 per 45-minute session

If your visit is covered under your insurance, your cost may be zero or you will only have to pay your copay.

If your visit is not covered by your insurance, then you will just pay the one-time low-cost fee as described here.

Requesting a visit has never been easier

  • With one click you get to choose if you want to see a doctor now or book an appointment for later.
  • You have the option of talking to a doctor on the phone or be seen via video on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • You will be asked some quick questions about what you want to be seen for and your medical history, just like a doctor’s office visit (but made easier). 
  • Once you are done with this simple step a doctor will call you on your phone, or the video visit will start on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

All of our doctors are board-certified U.S. licensed physicians

  • You will see a doctor by video on your mobile device or talk to a doctor on the phone.
  • Your doctor will take your medical history, evaluate your condition and recommend a treatment plan. 
  • Your appointment is quick, detailed and safe. 
  • Before you are finished, your doctor will discuss the next steps to completing your treatment plan. 
  • We will provide you with a work or school excuse note, if appropriate, based on your medical condition. 

Pick up your prescription

  • If medically appropriate, your doctor will prescribe a medication.
  • Your prescription will be sent electronically to your pharmacy within a few seconds.
  • Prescribing medication is at the complete discretion of your doctor and will only be done when appropriate.
  • Your doctor can also refill medications that you are currently taking, if needed.
  • We do not prescribe high-risk or dangerous medications over telehealth visits.
  • Our most important priorities are safety and helping you get well soon!

Easy Access. Simple Process. Done!

Access high-standard quality care

from board-certified U.S. licensed physicians in the comfort of your own home!

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