Going to the doctor can be a time-consuming process. You may wait weeks to get an appointment. Once you do get an appointment, then you wait for hours in a waiting room surrounded by sick people. Studies show that an average patient spends around 121 minutes on a trip to see their doctor.  It has been found that up to 85% of emergency room visits could have been managed online through telemedicine!

This is where affordable online urgent care comes in. Granted, you can’t use a virtual/online care clinic for all medical issues, but their goal is to make healthcare more accessible. There are hundreds of non-emergency conditions where you can’t wait for weeks for an appointment.  

In cases of non-emergency health issues, a board-certified doctor or another qualified and experienced medical professional can see you (online) within minutes of booking your appointment. But the best part is, you can receive medical treatments at a fraction of the cost. For example, at 24 Hour Docs, we have a flat fee of $59.99 (pay much less if you have insurance) for all non-emergency situations.

Compare this to hundreds of dollars you’ll have to pay if you visit a doctor’s office for the same problem! You’d save money and time, considering you won’t have to spend time driving and waiting for a doctor.

The Growing Trend of Cheap Online Urgent Care

According to a survey, nearly half of millennials don’t have a primary care doctor because they don’t think it’s convenient enough. Instead, they like to visit virtual doctors for same-day care. The same survey also says that many Baby Boomers are also growing tired of insanely high costs of healthcare. 

Cheap online urgent care or telemedicine has proven that quality care doesn’t always require an in-person visit to the doctor. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house, especially if you are a single parent. Maybe you don’t want to deal with hours of traffic and commuting. Online urgent care is the solution to all these problems.

cheap online urgent care

You’re already using your smartphone to order food or FaceTime with friends. Why not use the same channels to connect to a doctor and get the healthcare you need? With an internet connection and a webcam (or smartphone camera), you can reach some of the most respected physicians in your state.

Another benefit of online care providers is, believe it or not, personalized attention! When you go to an in-person doctor’s appointment, you get maybe 10-15 minutes of face-to-face time with them, and that’s if you’re lucky!

But when you book an appointment with 24 Hour Docs, you will get undivided attention until your treatment plan is completed. All for $59.99! This is one of the biggest reasons why an increasing number of patients are choosing the route of affordable online urgent care and telemedicine these days. 

Contact 24 Hour Docs for Non-Emergency Medical Conditions

You can book an affordable online urgent care session through 24 Hour Docs and get connected to board-certified physicians and therapists.  We offer 24 hour on-demand online visits, 7 days a week. No matter where you are in the state of California, or the time of day, our team of doctors is just a few clicks away from you! Call us at 877-244-6876 or write to us online to know more.