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frequently asked questions

What is Wolverine Telehealth program?
Wolverine Telehealth program is a FREE program that allows all enrolled students to have unlimited access to medical doctors and mental health specialists 24 hours a day for the entire semester (holidays, winter break and summer break included for the semester enrolled).  Students can see a doctor or mental health specialist on video visits using their mobile device, tablet or computer or can just speak over the phone when appropriate.  The doctor will send a prescription to the student’s pharmacy when needed. 
How does a visit work?

Click “see a doctor or provider now” above and create an account. Once you have sign up for the program, simply login and to see a doctor or mental health specialist.  You will get to select your reason for the visit and with just a few clicks you are live with a provider or mental health specialist.  You will get to select between a video or phone visit as well.

How do I login?
When you first sign up (click “see a doctor or provider now” on the top of this page), you will select a username and password.  Login in by using these new credentials.
What is “Talk 24/7”?
This is an opportunity for students to see a mental health provider 24 hours a day for on-demand visits.  Scheduled mental health visits are also available if preferred. 
Do I have to pay any money during the visit?
NO.  The program is FREE for the entire semester after enrolling and can be used on an unlimited basis. It is paid for by Valley College for students to use. 
What are some of the medical conditions that I can be seen for?
Students are seen and treated for hundreds of different conditions. Here is an example of some of the conditions that are treated: 

 Ear infections, Strep throat, Cough, Stye, Mild Asthma, medication refills, dental pain, dental infection, sinus infection, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, yeast infections, pink eye, rash, skin conditions, acne, nausea and vomiting, Ear pain, ear infection, allergies, general pain, cold sores, allergic reactions, hives, poison ivy and prescription refills

Can I be seen if I think I have COVID 19?
Yes.  The doctors can evaluate your situation, give you instructions in case you need to quarantine or isolate.  If you need medications for symptom relief, the doctor can send a prescription to your pharmacy electronically. If you need medical clearance to return to school or work, the doctor can provide this for you as well.
What are some of the mental health conditions that students can be seen for?
Students are seen for a broad range of mental health conditions including: 

Anxiety, depression, stress management, grief and loss, coping with illness, relationship conflicts, family stress, PTSD and panic disorder.

What are the hours for the service?
Students can be seen 24 hours a day for medical or mental health visits.  Mental health visits can also be scheduled in advance in addition to the on-demand visits.
Do you offer scheduled counseling?
Yes.  You can login and choose to see a provider now or schedule your visits for a later time or day.   You will schedule yourself by selecting the date and time you would prefer to be seen.
What do I do if I have difficulties with logging in or using the system?

Call the customer service number, available 24 hours a day:  909-600-9105
Password can be reset by clicking “forgot password”.

How much does this service cost?
This service is free to use for all Wolverine students on an unlimited basis for the entire semester and between semesters.  Both medical and mental health consultations are free.  This service is paid for by Valley College for students to use.
Can I get a prescription?
Yes.  If the provider determines that you need a prescription, it will be sent to your local pharmacy that you choose electronically.  Medication refills are also provided when appropriate by the provider.  
Can I be seen using my phone?
Yes.  You can be seen by using your mobile device, tablet or computer.  
Is my medical record and visit protected and safe?
Yes.  All visits are encrypted and protected 100%.   The visit is HIPPA compliant and holds the highest standard for protecting patients medical and mental health visits.
Can I get a summary of my visit?
Yes.  You simply need to login to your account and you can find the summary report of your visit. It will consist of your diagnosis, medications prescribed and other important information.
Will I receive some educational material about my diagnosis to read?
Yes.  You simply need to login and print out the education material that will be provided for your visit and diagnosis.